• Sales Open until 05:00 PM


COVID-19 Response Plan

Public safety is our number one priority and we are doing all we can to observe social distancing rules.

Changes to regular operations:

  • Only essential commercial customers from NB are permitted to cross the border to pick up parts and equipment. We are able to ship parts to you in NB.
  • We have reduced our on-site staff as much as possible.
  • Our showroom is closed, and business is conducted through a window at the front of the dealership.
  • Unless it is an emergency, all customer equipment must be quarantined at the dealership for 3 days before we work on it. It is estimated that Coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 3 days.
  • Our debit machine will be disinfected after each use.
  • We will only go to customer’s locations for pickup and delivery of equipment.
  • For equipment sales, please contact us by phone, text or email.

Exceptions for emergency repairs:

  • We will waive the quarantine period for equipment that requires emergency repairs. It will be disinfected prior to us working on it.
  • In emergency situations, where it is not reasonable to pick up the equipment, we will perform on-site repairs. This option will only be used as last resort.